Injustice Part 1

Hunter Hadley, Writer

This is the story of Injustice: a separate timeline from the main continuity. In this universe, Superman is married to Lois Lane. He and Batman are the greatest friends in superhero history. Everything in this world is perfect, but that is about to be ruined because Joker has killed Jimmy Olsen and kidnapped Lois Lane. Superman can’t find Lois, so he asks Batman to help find her. Batman calls on the entire Justice League to search Metropolis and find her. Flash finds Batman and tells him he needs to see something. They go to Star Labs and find Scarecrow dead with a Joker grin on his face. Wonder Woman finds where Joker and Harley Quinn are hiding, and lifts the submarine they were hiding in out of the water. Superman goes into the sub and is hit with fear gas laced with kryptonite, this way it can get into his bloodstream. He sees Doomsday and rockets up into the atmosphere; little does he know it is Lois. When the gas wears off, with tears welling up in his eyes, he realizes what he has done. Tragically, there was a nuke placed in Metropolis. The nuke is set to go off when Lois’s heartbeat stops. This is precisely what happens: the nuke goes off.


During this, the Justice League tries to save as many as they can from the fallout. At the same time, Superman gives his family to Wonder Woman and flies off to Gotham City, where Batman was interrogating Joker and puts his hand through Joker’s chest. Afterward, he flies back to the Fortress of Solitude. As he sits there listening to the news stations about all the conflict in the world, he says, “No more!” Superman flies off to the White House and gives a speech; he calls for the end to the fighting and a global ceasefire. As a result of this, the US government makes the biggest mistake they have ever made. And have Ma and Pa Kent kidnapped and taken into the mirror dimension by Mirror Master. Superman calls on the Justice League to find his parents while Batman pays a visit on his own behalf to the White House to have a chat with the president. He asks the president why he did that because Batman knew this would unite everyone inside the Watchtower (Minus Nightwing) to Superman’s side.


Inside the watchtower, Wonder Woman makes it clear that she’s going to stand with Superman and asks everyone else if they will join them. Cyborg notes that “Superman has saved the world ten times over, and I will join you.” As a result, two sides were formed by Superman’s Regime and Batman’s Insurgency.