Florida Man Volume: 9

On February 14th, in Deland, Florida cops were called to a local Save-A-Lot supermarket responding to a call about a shoplifter. When the cops were called, the man was supposedly already seized by a civilian and a store manager. They apprehended the man once multiple customers had reported to the store staff that he was stuffing meat into his pants. When confronted by the store manager, he got hostile. 


At some point, while police were on the way, the man escaped and stripped off all of his clothes. When he took off his pants, steak ribeyes fell out of them. The total price of these steaks is estimated to be around $41. He then revealed himself to multiple customers. While trying to escape the store naked, police caught him at the entrance and he attempted to run away. Police then entered a chase on foot. He didn’t get far before he was tased and arrested. After this whole ordeal, the man had to go to the hospital. Apparently one of the taser’s prongs had struck his male genitalia. 


His charges were resisting an officer without violence, resisting a store employee while committing theft and first-degree petty theft. He was caught without the possibility of bail at the Volusia County jail. According to the store manager, this man was a regular thief at their store.