U.S signs a historic peace deal with Taliban.

Mary Schafer, Writer

After a long time fighting with the Taliban, President Trump and the Taliban signed an agreement with each other. The plan set in motion will have a potential of withdrawing American troops out of Afghanistan. The agreement can pave the way to end America’s longest-war with the Tablian. The agreement was by a U.S Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad. But soon after U.S and The Tablian signed the agreement the U.S made air-strikes on Tablian. The agreement will lay out a 14-month long timeline to get the U.S troops out of Afghanistan. After the agreement was signed Pompeo came out and said that “This is a hopeful moment.” In 135 days the U.S. will have an initial drawdown of 8,600 troops out of Afghanistan. But now President Trump said that “He will be meeting with the leaders of Tablian”. Now the U.S will be watching the Tablian closely.   

Picture is from Al Jazeera