Lilly Scholarship Winner Abby Fulton: Her Experience and Future


Amiah Owen and Olivia Fresh

Abby Fulton, the 2020-2021 winner of the Lilly scholarship, has a promising future. With her college tuition now being covered, the deserving student is looking to attend Butler. As an academically sound student, she remains well-rounded and a participant in basketball, volleyball, and softball. We believe Abby will achieve much even after her high school career at Southwestern.

When asked how Abby had an edge over other competitors, she replied that she is at the top of her class and is also involved in the community. She’s involved in extracurricular activities for example volleyball, basketball, and softball. It doesn’t end there as she is the student council president and a member of the National Honors Society.

To be eligible for the Lilly scholarship you have to be in the top 20% of your class, submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, and an application filled with details about yourself. An example of this could be things about family life. Abby says that if you’re eligible for the scholarship it’s crazy if you don’t apply, for her it was a no-brainer. She also said that you should apply for any scholarship. When we asked Abby about her future plans in college and what she plans on majoring in, she replied with political science and peace and conflict studies, then later on, she plans on attending law school.

After winning the Lilly scholarship, Abby’s plans for after high school changed. At first, she planned to go to Notre Dame or Butler. Abby was even accepted into Yale, but ever since winning the scholarship, she has decided to attend a university that’s in-state. Abby says that her parents are going to help pay for some of what isn’t covered and she is applying for anything in the Community Center or local scholarships that she can apply for to help with what wasn’t covered by Lilly. The Lilly covers a lot of what is charged but in this case, meal plans aren’t.

When asked about her experience with competing against others for such a life-changing opportunity, Abby said that competing against other students was weird and comforting in some aspects. But in other aspects, it was awkward because of peoples’ reaction to her winning. Luckily, her receiving recommendation letters wasn’t nearly as awkward. She said Mr. Rusk was wonderful at helping with it and that everyone was super supportive. Last year, she was placed in the Alexander Hamilton program and they wrote a letter, on top of that she asked Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Brierly, and Mr. Frye who also wrote supporting letters.

Abby said the interview process was weird but not bad and she got to be interviewed in person. She dressed formally in a new blazer and dress heels and was interviewed for 30 minutes by 3 people that touched on her after high school plans and why Abby thought she deserved it. After that, she had a 10-minute recess, and then she had a 30-minute interview on Zoom which she really enjoyed; however, it was stressful because of the severity of the scholarship. Altogether, we know that Abby Fulton has a promising, successful future ahead of her!