COVID Guidelines and Next School Year


Emma Schneider

Experts report that COVID restrictions might not be relaxed within schools next year, due to the lack of vaccines tested on children. Southwestern High School principal, Matt Owens, had similar things to say when interviewed Wednesday afternoon. Owens reports that he is still unsure as to whether or not masks will be required next year, with the state recently removing the mask mandate in public places. As to vaccine-related concerns, he says that vaccines will not be required, but strongly encouraged. However, he reports several faculty members are already vaccinated. 

E-learning days were introduced to Southwestern this past year, and while they may be used in emergency situations- like an upsurge of COVID cases- Owens states that the corporation hopes to use them sparingly, claiming students learn better in person. When asked about social distancing guidelines (six feet) Owens said it was ultimately up to the state. Quarantining (which has always been a possibility for other infectious diseases, but only recently becoming prominent) is also expected to play a part in the upcoming school year. 

When requested to report on whether or not he’s noticed a change within students’ mental and academic health Owens said that not only had he noticed a negative impact within the student population, but within the faculty and staff as well. He also expressed that the school would attempt to help in any way possible. Overall the 2021- 2022 school year is still unpredictable, with COVID constantly changing plans. But, it seems as though restrictions will remain similar, even with the rising population of vaccinated people in America.