Cobra Kai Review


Nick Taylor, Journalist

This article is a review of the Netflix series called “Cobra Kai”. Warning: spoilers of the show and movies will be in this article. “Cobra Kai” is a show that continues the story of the “Karate Kid” and “Karate Kid part two” movies. “Karate Kid” was a movie about a kid named Daniel Larusso that moved from New Jersey to Reseda, California. After the move, Daniel meets a girl named Ali and he starts to like her, but he doesn’t know that she is dating a guy named Johnny Lawrence. This is where the rivalry between Daniel and Johnny begins. 

Now that you know how this all started, let’s talk about “Cobra Kai”. In the show, 34 years after the events of “Karate Kid part two”, the show kicks off with Johnny Lawrence waking up drunk in his apartment. He looks like he’s had it rough over the years and ends up losing his job later that day. Lawrence has some car trouble and his car is towed to Larusso Auto Group after some teenagers drive into it by accident. Larusso Auto Group is, you guessed it, a car dealership/mechanic shop owned by Daniel Larusso himself.

Johnny’s car gets taken to one of Daniel’s dealerships and it just so happens to be the one that Daniel is currently working at. Johnny goes and tries to get his car back but fails to do so, on his way out he gets stopped by Daniel Larusso, his high school rival. They talk for a bit then Johnny leaves. Later that day, Johnny gets into a fight with some high schoolers who are bullying a kid. Johnny shows off his karate moves on them and helps the kid, but gets arrested for fighting high schoolers. After some time, Johnny decides to open or should I say reopen and bring back the Cobra Kai dojo. He starts teaching one kid and eventually gets a whole class. 

The show already has three seasons on Netflix and is currently working on getting a fourth one out at the moment. In my opinion, I would give it a five out of five star rating because of how much action and drama there is throughout the whole show. If you like karate and like the old “Karate Kid” movies then you should check out the show “Cobra Kai”.