2021 MLB Opening Day Review

2021 MLB Opening Day Review

Jordan DeAtley, Sports Journalist

The 2021 Major League Baseball season started Thursday, April 1. Some of the games were exciting and went into extra innings, while other games were postponed. Many fans were wondering how their favorite team’s opening series would go. This offseason was exciting for some fans, but sad for others due to free agency and trading. Will the 2021 defending champs, the Los Angeles Dodgers defend their championship? Will a young team that really took advantage of their offseason come out of nowhere? Everyone will find an answer to their questions as the season goes on.
Two opening series were postponed, but for different reasons. The Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox game was postponed due to rain, while the Washington Nationals and New York Mets game was postponed due to 3 Washington players testing positive for the coronavirus. MLB has not stated when the games will be rescheduled, but has said that the answer, “remains to be determined”.

Opening Day 2021 Results:

Blue Jays 3 – 2 Yankees

Indians 2 – 3 Tigers

Twins 5 – 6 Brewers

Pirates 5 – 3 Cubs

Braves 2 – 3 Phillies

Dodgers 5 – 8 Rockies

Diamondbacks 7 – 8 Padres

Cardinals 11 – 6 Reds

Rangers 10 – 14 Royals

Rays 1 – 0 Marlins

White Sox 3 – 4 Angels

Astros 8 – 1 Athletics

Giants 7 – 8 Mariners