Indiana’s Biggest Tornadoes


Matthew Williams, Advertising Team

On April 17, 1922, an F4 tornado hit Southwest Indiana in Posey, Gibson, and Pike counties. The infamous Tri-State Tornado touched down in Missouri and traveled around 219 miles and entered Southwest Indiana. The funnel entered the Hoosier State in the town of Griffin as a 3/4 mile wide multiple vortex tornado. The tornado destroyed nearly 150 homes in Griffin and at least two children were killed on their way home from school. Around 85 farms were devastated between Griffin and Princeton. The funnel missed Owensville but tore into Princeton, destroying half the town. The nightmare finally ended as the tornado dissipated Northeast of Princeton just inside Pike County. There were a total of 71 deaths in Indiana.

My hometown of Hanover in Jefferson County was hit on April 3, 1974, along with the counties of Clark, Scott, and Ripley by an F4 tornado. It hit Hanover college and caused 10 million dollars in damage and ended its destruction outside of Ripley county If you want to find more tornadoes in Indiana go to