Teachers vs. COVID-19

Teachers vs. COVID-19

Olivia Fresh and Amiah Owen

Not only have students been affected by the pandemic, but teachers have as well. Multiple teachers have to adjust the way they teach students that get quarantined while having to balance assignments for in-person classes.

There are a handful of teachers who were minorly affected by COVID-19. When speaking to Mr. Bryant, he expressed that the only annoying thing was wearing a mask and nothing drastically changed his teaching plans. Mrs. Means claimed it was “hard to not be able to visit family on holidays” and from a teaching perspective, it is difficult to know who will be in class or quarantined. On top of that, teachers had to adjust to teaching online as well as having online plans ready in case schools were shut down for a brief or long period of time.

 Teachers, as a whole, have to be cautious of spreading and receiving COVID-19. Especially if there were underlying health conditions present. For newer teachers, they have to face both the difficulties of their first year and the hurdles that COVID-19 presents. We interviewed Mr. Johnson, a first-year chemistry teacher. He was asked how has COVID-19 affected his teaching plans and he responded by saying “Being virtual was hard because it isn’t something you can easily read on your own and it was hard to gauge faces to see who understands and who doesn’t.” 

Additionally, substitute teachers were greatly affected! Looking for a substitute teacher’s perspective we interviewed Mrs. Hoagland. She said that substitutes were unable to come in for the teachers who typically weren’t able to teach during periods of lockdown/virtual school. Therefore, they were out of a job and couldn’t receive the extra pay. This also fluctuated often when Southwestern, or schools in general, were struggling to find teachers that could come in. Therefore, substitutes would be back and forth without a job because of the short notice before a school would go into lockdown. 

Teachers have to provide work for both students in class and quarantined. This makes it difficult to keep every student on task and in the same place. Finals, as well as midterms, have also had to be rethought as some students couldn’t attend the lectures. As a whole, both students and teachers have been greatly affected by the coronavirus.