Student’s Favorite Electives


Audrey Bare, Journalist

You have some classes you like and some classes you hate. I asked a few students what their favorite class is that they are currently in or that they have taken in the past at Southwestern. This school year is coming to an end, so it’s time to start planning next year’s classes. These students have recommended these electives. 

 “My favorite class has to be Business Law & Ethics with Mr. Frye because it is interesting and I get to have it with my friends. I also get to learn about the U.S. court system and judges, which is pretty cool.”

“My favorite class is the aid class. I get to aid my favorite teacher, Mr. Rusk. It’s fun to be able to help out.” 

“My favorite class is Mrs. Amick’s Forensics class because it is an easy and fun class to take, and Mrs. Amick will teach you all about Forensics. You get to learn different things like making your own crime scene, investigating different crime scenes, pulling fingerprints from different objects, and pulling DNA from different sources. She also taught us how to make our own fake blood that looked really real. It is a fun class and I suggest to any student who is interested in this kind of stuff to take it.” 

“My favorite class that I’ve taken is 3D art with Mr. Means because I liked working with the clay and being able to create stuff to take home. Mr. Means was a good teacher because he helped whenever we were lost.” 

“My favorite class is Visual Communications with Mr. Means. We get to learn more about behind the scenes of making movies. It is also a Dual Credit class. Once you are so far along in the class, you get to make your own movies! It’s a fun class and I look forward to going to it every day.” 

My favorite class has to also be 3D art with Mr. Means. We got to make plant holders, ceramic animals, and houses. If you were trying to find some fun electives, here are some options if you haven’t taken these classes already!