Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing

We took a survey over the Southwestern High School students about standardized testing. They were asked if they think standardized testing is a good measure of knowledge and why. 82% of the students said that they didn’t like this form of testing.

Keegan Rogers says, “No, I do not think that it is a good measure of knowledge because I don’t think that one test that is supposed to be standard for everyone is accurate. Everyone is different and everyone learns and does things a little differently.” 

Very few students think it is a good way to test knowledge. 

Elijah Boscia says, “I think that standardized testing can be a good measure of knowledge. It allows the state or country to know that the school is doing its job. While standardized testing has its flaws and its problems it is a good measure of knowledge.”  

All in all, the majority of people do not think that standardized testing is a good way of measuring one’s knowledge.