Spare Change for Change

Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

On the last day of Spirit Week, the results of the change war between Madison and Southwestern High Schools were announced.  Madison won.   Madison managed to top Southwestern’s total of $522.47 with their total of $812.63 raised from the donations of money from students and faculty.

The nearly three hundred lead is likely due to Madison taking an extreme step to motivate its students.  Each of Madison’s four principals was given a bucket.  At the end of the collection, the owner of the bucket with the most change would have to spend the night on the roof at Madison’s High School.  Unexpectedly, there was a tie between Madison’s principal Mr. Gasaway and the assistant principal, Mr. Grill.  This means both will be sleeping on Madison’s roof later this month.

At Southwestern High School the results of the change war were shocking.  The Seniors raised $132.41, the Juniors raised $107.40, the Sophomores raised $40.06, and the Freshman class raised $207.88.  The outcome seemed in favor of the Juniors up until the final morning of the change war when a single freshman brought in $146.00 for the class.

The money raised has been donated to African Missions, a charity group currently working to provide children in Uganda with shoes.  This group landed in Uganda on November 30th to begin the process of distributing shoes to those in need.