Senior Spotlight: Abby Ralston


Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

The Senior Spotlight is a series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of one senior. Each week, the senior class votes for the senior that they believe best fits the requirements of that week’s Senior Spotlight.


This week, we asked the seniors who they thought put the “extra” in extracurriculars. They have voted, and we are proud to present the senior class’ hardiest hustler, Abby Ralston. When she is not participating in a club or sport, Abby Ralston is either spending time with friends of watching Netflix. After high school, Abby plans to attend the University of Indianapolis to pursue a degree in elementary education. When asked about something that not many people know about her, Abby replied that her biggest fear is whales.


We asked Abby a few questions to learn more about her extracurriculars and how they have played into her role as a student at Southwestern.


What extracurriculars have you participated in?

“Volleyball, basketball, softball, student council, national honors society.”

Which extracurricular did you join first, and what made you want to join it?

“Softball, both of my sisters played and my dad.”

How have these activities changed you?

“They have taught me discipline and drive.”

Do you think that everyone should be involved in an extracurricular? If so, why?

“Yes, i think it is a good way to keep yourself busy and get to know people.”

How have you managed to juggle both schoolwork and after school activities?

“I’ve learned that procrastinating is not the way to go.”

Are extracurriculars something you will continue to participate in during the future?



An inside source requested that we interview Robert Stark for next week’s Senior Spotlight, so we left Abby to manage her memberships while we round up Southwestern’s most ‘mirable musician.