National Poetry Contest

Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

Feeling creative? The America  Library of Poetry is hosting its 23rd annual National Student Poetry Contest. Why should you care? The grand prize for the poem deemed “Editor’s Choice” is five hundred dollars.

The competition is broken up into four divisions: grades 3-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12. Students who place first, second, and third in each division will be awarded cash prizes and certificates of achievement. In total, thirty-six prizes will be handed out at the end of the competition, twelve of which are participation prizes drawn from all entries. Prizes include laptops, netbooks, tablets, ipod touches, and ten twenty-five dollar gift cards. The school with the most entries will win a new computer package and a “spirit of education” trophy.

Students writing for the competition can submit no more than one poem per person. Poems cannot be longer than twenty lines and cannot include vulgar, offensive, or profane content. Concrete (shape) and blackout poems are not allowed. Most important, the poem must be original and the work of no one else but the student.

There is no entry fee, and poems can be submitted online at or by mail to REVIEW COMMITTEE ℅ THE AMERICA LIBRARY OF POETRY, P.O. BOX 978 HOULTON, ME 04730. Poems submitted by mail should be typed—not handwritten—and must include the official entry form cut from the flyer (do not return the whole page). Flyers can be requested from any of Southwestern’s English teachers. All poems must be submitted by April 30, 2019, in order to be considered in the competition.

No blackout or concrete poetry