Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

William Leach, Co-Editor

The 53rd Annual Super Bowl took place this Sunday only to receive a bland response from fans. The Rams went up against The Patriots with a score of 13-3. The game ended with a record low score and The Patriots taking home their sixth Super Bowl victory; however, that’s not what we’re talking about today, I want to talk about the somewhat controversial Pepsi Halftime Show.

The Super Bowl has had a halftime show since 1967; since then, some astounding artists have performed such as Prince, Micheal Jackson, and Paul McCartney. This year’s Super Bowl is filled with controversy, and, as a result, most performers wanted to stay away from it. Six performers were asked to be in the halftime event but none would attend, but Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi were chosen for this year’s Super Bowl.

The Halftime Show opened with Maroon 5 playing some of their best hits – all of which were performed on a giant M-shaped stage on the field. About three minutes into the Halftime show, a tribute to Stephen Hillenburg and Spongebob is played – although it isn’t the tribute we wanted. We see performances from Travis Scott, Big Boi, and The Gospel Choir for the rest of this halftime show. Flashy lights and crowds of people cover the screen. This, however, wasn’t enough to keep people interested. There’s no doubt that this halftime show was one of the worst shows in recent memory. While this show was boring, The Gospel Choir and the Spongebob Tribute should be justly mentioned for trying to salvage the show. The performance from the choir was beautiful and deserves all the praise it gets. The Spongebob Tribute wasn’t what fans wanted but at least we’re able to honor the memory of  Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob.

Looking back, this year’s Super Bowl did little to excite.  With some lackluster performances and boring music, you can tell why it was such a flop. Hopefully Super Bowl LVI is better than this years.