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Rebellious Times

2019-2020 Staff

William Leach


  I am the editor of The Rebellious Times. My name is William Leach. I'm fifteen, and I'm a Sophomore at Southwestern High-School. I joined this class in the last nine weeks of last year to help write for the paper. I...

Lauren Ross


Lauren Ross is a senior this year. She’s participated in several extracurricular activities such as archery, where she once qualified for a world tournament & competed. She was also a part of Southwestern’s show choir,...

Gavyn Mundt


My name is Gavyn Mundt, And I was born on September 22, 2001. I am a senior at Southwestern High School. I run track and cross country and I like to be outside as much as I can.

Aleea Crumley


My name is Aleea Crumley and I am 15 years old. I was born on June 30, 2004. I am a freshman at Southwestern High School. I love playing with my dogs and spending time with friends and family. I enjoy running, playing volleyba...

Max Inman


My name is Max Inman, I am 18 years old and am a senior. I love to play basketball, play video games, and watch movies. After High School, I want to go to college and study computer sciences.

Riley Lunsford


Hi, I’m Riley Lunsford and I was born August 2nd, 2004. I am a freshman at Southwestern High School. I like to be outside and go for hikes in my woods, I also shoot archery. ...

Mary Schafer


I am a junior at Southwestern High School. I’m in archery. This is the third year in FFA, and this my 10th year in 4-h. I love being a farmer. My favorite thing to do is spending outdoors. I love spending time with family and my...

Christian Courtney


Hi, my name is Christian Courtney. I am 15 and I am a sophomore in Southwestern high-school. I was born on July 21, 2004. I love to go deer hunting, turkey hunting, and fishing. ...

Druce Chandler


My name is Druce Chandler and I am a 14-year-old freshman. Some of my favorite things to do are to is to hold my ferrets, play on my phone, read and hike. When I graduate I would like to find a college where I can learn to be a ...

Zach Wolf


                                                                              I am Zach wolf, I am 15 years old. I am a sophomore at Southwestern High School. I was born on March 9, 2019...

Lacie Carter


  My name is Lacie Carter I am a Sophomore and I was born February 21, 2003. I love to spend time with my friends and family. When I graduate I want to go to college, to study to be either a nurse or a teacher. I have 5 siblings Andie Lynn C...

Chase Bartley


My name is Chase Bartley, I like to play football and basketball. I have two dogs one's name is bean and the other name is max. I live with my dad, I like playing video games and eating cheesecake....

Hunter Hadley


I am Hunter Hadley, I’m 18 years old and I’m a Senior. I love to play sports and video games, I like to walk and ride my bike, and I love spending time with my family. After high school, I’d like to be a psychologist or a His...

Aleana Meador

Sports Editor

My name is Aleana Meador, and I was born on November 13, 2003. I'm a freshman at Southwestern High School. I play softball I've been playing since 3rd grade. I want to travel around the world when I get older. I love yogurt, yel...

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