2018-2019 Staff

Larry Larrynson


Larry is a writer for The Rebellious Times. He participates in Southwestern's swim team and has not left the bottom of the pool for six years. Larry is unemployed, and his hobbies include breathing--which he does a lot of. Larry runs...

Brendan Courter


I am an editor of The Rebellious Times. Outside of school, I am a cart pusher and cashier at Walmart. After high school, I plan to take a gap year--I do not know what I will do after that. My hobbies include running, reading,...

Samantha Reed


You know my name, but what you might not know is that I was born in Ohio as my mom's only daughter and my dad's only (biological) kid. I have three little brother's who share different dads, but they are my boys, and I love th...

John Sutter


I was born on July 9, 2000, but the most important event of my life was before that event. It was a stroke. My family moved to Lexington, Indiana, when I was young. I went to Southwestern. During the fourth grade, it was discov...

Julia Kaiser


My name is Julia Kaiser, and I am an exchange student at Southwestern. My home country is Germany. I played soccer, joined the swim team, and I am going to run track this year. I love to travel and to experience new cultu...

Kadin Miller


Hello, my name is Kadin Miller, and I am a sophomore at Southwestern Highschool. I was born on November 8th, 2002. I like to shoot archery and watch movies.

Hugh Smith


Born: February 4, 2002 Residence: Hanover, Indiana Current grade: 11th grade Involved in High School Band, school libraries, and the school newspaper. I mostly write interview articles for the school newspaper.   ...

William Leach


I am an editor of The Rebellious Times. My name is William Leach. I'm fourteen, and I'm a freshman at Southwestern High School. I joined this class in the last nine weeks to help write for the paper. I love watching movies, Netf...

Avery Wilson


Avery Wilson is a senior at Southwestern High School. Avery joined the Newspaper/Current Events class because she wanted to get more involved with the school and learn more about what's happening around the world. She is very e...

Ashton Goode

Sports Editor

My name is Ashton Goode, and I am a sophomore at Southwestern. I run cross country and track. I play basketball for the Lady Rebels. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix and hang out with my friends. I show pigs for the...